Rules and regulations.

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Rules and regulations.

Post by khubaib_95 on Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:42 pm

Salam Guest. Nice to have you here! Have fun over here and at the same time don't forget to follow these rules.

Well, it goes so...

1) No spamming, flooding or trolling. It includes posting links to other sites, inappropriate posts such as "aaaaaaaahjggggggggg" and double posting (within 24 hours).

2) Don't go off-topic. Your posts must be related to the topic. Topic's title shouldn't be like this "HELP!"

3) Insulting a particular user or a particular group may result in warning. If it continues, you will be banned for a particular period as per the situation.

4) Respect the staffs. If you behave rude to the staffs, you will be warned and banned if it continues so.

5) Don't create topic in wrong places.

6) Your post must atleast contain 5 words. Otherwise, it'll be removed.

Stick to this topic for rules updates.

Kindly follow these rules and have fun over here!

UF Staffs...


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